Modern Software Architecture: The Brave New World

I’ve been busy this past year helping clients architect and build distributed systems of all shapes and sizes. I’ve also helped them to navigate the maze of seemingly endless architectural and development options surrounding what I call the multiplicity of clients. Throughout all of these experiences, it has become very clear to me (more than ever) that the cornerstone of success and the key to enabling business agility in the face of all these new demands is a well-factored SOA.

One thing’s for sure, there are no easy answers for us here. There are simply too many variables in the equation right now, many that are business related, that erode any hope for us to formalize a singular guidance. The good news is that architectural patterns are emerging around these new demands that can help us control the chaos.

In this session I’ll share my from the field observations of some of the systems I’ve helped bring to market. We’ll not only examine architecture and technology, but the all-important business drivers that shaped the rationale behind the many design decisions as well. Throughout, I’ll present the patterns that I’ve used to bring consistency and repeatability to these architectures. And in this context, I will share observations supporting my opinion that WCF is not dead, but in fact is as needed as it ever was.

As with all my sessions, I anticipate lively, thoughtful discussion to erupt. So please consider joining us and adding your perspective to the mix. I hope to see you there.

Michael Montgomery

IDesign Master Architect, Microservice Madman

Michael ‘Monty’ Montgomery is an accomplished “roll up your sleeves” software architect and expert developer. He is also a master architect and seasoned trainer with the software architecture firm IDesign. Monty is a recognized industry expert in microservice architecture and Azure Service Fabric. He leverages both to help his clients conceive, design, build and successfully deliver innovative microservice systems.

Monty conducts IDesign’s unique Architecture and Detailed Design Clinics, which are intense, immersive, hands-on system design and career invigorating experiences. Monty also leads IDesign’s new Service Fabric Master Class, a must for modern developers and architects. Monty co-authored the 4th Edition of Programming WCF Services with Juval Lowy and published many articles on architecture always sharing his unique ‘From the Field’ perspective. His latest article, ‘Escaping Appland’ has received international attention for its insightful contrarian point of view. Monty speaks regularly at .NET and industry related events around the world.