Modern Software Architecture: Effective Infrastructure

In my series on Modern Software Architecture to date, we’ve explored the vital non-technology related facets of our discipline, such as process, design and crafting a message that a modern architect must master to be effective. Throughout these sessions the mantra has been ‘No Code!’ giving us a chance to reflect on and refine our practice without the concerns of technology.
With this latest session, Effective Infrastructure, we’ll get back to our roots and finally wallow in the blessed bits. There will be code samples galore! (It is Code Camp after all.) The modern architect is expected to provide essential Process, Design and Technology leadership to an organization or initiative. And in the case of distributed computing and SOA on the Microsoft stack, this means taming the beast that is WCF, preparing it for mass consumption.
In this session I’ll share the tips and techniques I’ve used in large initiatives to quell the concerns of complexity that often surround WCF, making it approachable to developer communities of a broad spectrum of acumen. Far from rudimentary, we will dive directly into the heart of WCF’s powerful extensibility model, reveal the interception base framework as its core, show how it can support AoP and hint at why I believe WCF is a contemporary framework in its own right, perhaps the most powerful of all.

Michael Montgomery

IDesign Master Architect, Microservice Madman

Michael ‘Monty’ Montgomery is an accomplished “roll up your sleeves” software architect and expert developer. He is also a master architect and seasoned trainer with the software architecture firm IDesign. Monty is a recognized industry expert in microservice architecture and Azure Service Fabric. He leverages both to help his clients conceive, design, build and successfully deliver innovative microservice systems.

Monty conducts IDesign’s unique Architecture and Detailed Design Clinics, which are intense, immersive, hands-on system design and career invigorating experiences. Monty also leads IDesign’s new Service Fabric Master Class, a must for modern developers and architects. Monty co-authored the 4th Edition of Programming WCF Services with Juval Lowy and published many articles on architecture always sharing his unique ‘From the Field’ perspective. His latest article, ‘Escaping Appland’ has received international attention for its insightful contrarian point of view. Monty speaks regularly at .NET and industry related events around the world.