Modern jQuery: Refactoring and Testing the Way Forward

Back in 2006 jQuery 1.0 was released. Today, jQuery is still used by a large portion of the web: 70% of the top 100k sites! Its sheer ubiquity is evident: Bootstrap v3’s JavaScript plugins depend on it! jQuery’s brilliant selectors, powerful Ajax calls, and how well it has abstracted away browser differences has enabled developers to move the web forward.

Together we’ll explore jQuery in a modern light — using modern JavaScript constructs and techniques to refactor jQuery code into a modular and well-tested application. If you can conquer pre-2000 jQuery spaghetti code, you can probably refactor anything!

Ken Dale

Ken Dale is a software developer and Microsoft MVP with much of his current technology focus centered around the .NET web stack, JavaScript, and cloud technologies. Outside the realms of software, Ken is a musician who enjoys food eaten with chopsticks and travel.