Micro controller Setup and Development With RiPi and Pine64. Using Windows 10 IOT to talk to Android/Linux

Setting up a Home security system with DIY IOT parts requires a “Certain set of skills” in this session we will talk about the ways to make IOT instances of Windows 10 IOT talk with Remix 2.0 (an Android distribution http://www.jide.com/remixos that comes with Pine 64 2GB Boards)
We will also talk about how to make your IOT Devices talk to Linux.

This is a high level overview of options available to you as a developer with or without internet access. (Internet Access is required for development of the applications but not required to run the applications in a self hosted environment)

While there are many ways, we are going to use the RestClient Communication process to exchange data between IOT devices and a self hosted API Interface, and with time allowed I can show how easy it is to migrate your self hosted Rest Storage interface to Microsoft Azure IOT services.

Applications Used:
Visual Studio 2015 Update 3 : Windows 10 UWP App, MVC5 WebAPI App, NuGet
Eclipse : Android App

Marcus Kern

More than 9+ years programming and application development experience in the Microsoft stack. Additional programming experience in C++, Cloud services, Linux and MAC OS X, IOS Applications.

My passion is technology. My joy is solving problems. My path is a unique thought process combining creativity, ingenuity, quickly navigating decision trees and not stopping at the first solution that presents itself. I am a F.U.N. person. And I strongly believe that you truly don’t know something until you can successfully teach it.