Mastering Git and GitHub with an intro to DevOps

Git is the source control everyone is using. If you’ve been struggling with Git source control, you aren’t alone and you shouldn’t be afraid. We will dive deep into how Git works and why. You will gain a clear understanding of common Git issues and how to resolve them. You will learn from open source project practices so that your team can effectively work together.

Along the way we will master using GitHub as your team’s source control and explore some of its team features for collaboration and review.

Finally we’ll finish up with some hands-on work creating continuous builds. We’ll concentrate on hands-on work with the Azure Repos and Azure Pipelines features of Azure DevOps.

Chris Gomez

Chris is a software developer who loves to share what he’s learned with everyone. A Microsoft MVP, Chris regularly discusses topics such as ASP.NET, Game development, Cloud development and how to grow as a developer at user groups, conferences, and the Static Void Podcast (