LINQ and Other Language Enhancements

LINQ (Language Integrated Query) is one of the best and easiest to use features in .Net. Introduced in C# 3.5, it allows developers to easily query collections of data. What is great is that it allows the same technique/syntax to be used to query objects in memory, databases, xml and other sources. The session will focus on the core principals of LINQ as well as several related language enhancements that make LINQ possible including extension methods, anonymous types, implicitly typed variables, and more.

Andy Schwam

Andy Schwam is a Microsoft .Net MVP and Manager of Custom Application Development at Global Indemnity where his team builds .Net applications, mostly for the web, that are maintainable, extensible and testable. Lately he has been working with Bots and Mobile apps. He has worked with .Net since 2003 and delivered many web based, data driven applications throughout his professional career. Andy is an experienced speaker and trainer and has spoken at a variety of user groups and events, presenting a variety of topics. Andy is a founding board member and organizer of TechBash, an annual conference for developers. He has been creating software applications since 1999.