Learning, Certification, and Partner Programs

Learn some strategies I use to keep up with new Microsoft technology. This includes Microsoft Official Curriculum, online labs, training kits, how-to videos, and general reading. Once you master a topic, you can get certified. What does this get you? How does certification affect your employer? It does if they are a Microsoft Partner.

Bill Wolff

Bill Wolff is an independent consultant, trainer, and architect specializing in Microsoft development technologies under the name Agility Systems. He served as the SharePoint Practice Director at Capax Global, Solutions Architect in the Microsoft Practice at Unisys Corporation, and ran the Microsoft Alliance at LiquidHub. He ran the consulting firm Wolff Data Systems for 15 years and directed armies of consultants in the dot com world. Bill is founder and President of the philly.NET user group, a previous INETA board member where he served as Vice President of the Speaker Bureau, and involved in several other user communities. Bill was a contributing author on several books. His certifications include trainer, systems engineer, developer, and Microsoft MVP.