JavaScript: Things You Probably Don’t Know, But Should

The mechanics of how JavaScript operates under the hood is often misunderstood due to its syntactical similarity with other C-style languages such as C++, C#, and Java. It’s important to have a deeper understanding of how the JavaScript language works to debug the really tough problems and to take advantage of the real power the language provides.

In this session, we’ll explore and demonstrate what makes JavaScript unique in comparison to other C-style languages. Specifically, we’ll discuss JavaScript’s type system, equality syntax, scoping and closures, and prototype inheritance

This talk will be presented by Max Pollack and Scott Kay of eMoney Advisor.

Scott Kay

Scott Kay is a software engineer and just recently started working for GrubHub. He has been developing in C# and .Net since the platform’s inception – first as a Microsoft Evangelist and continuing through his work and personal projects. Beyond .Net, he dabbles in the Go programming language and with data/multimedia compression.