Is Your Data Secure?

Your company probably stores a lot of data about your customers. You might store simple content like customers’ order histories or more sensitive information like credit card numbers or health related information. For most businesses, the data they store is the business foundation, and its loss can crush the business. But, if the data gets “out” the effects can be similarly detrimental, not only for your business, but for each of your clients. Credit card misuse can cause financial ruin; published health records could cost them their job and their future. Even a simple leaked password can be used to gain access to more sensitive data.
So let me ask you a simple question: Is your data secure?
Join security expert Sebastian Meine, PhD in this session and discover the 10 most common database security vulnerabilities. These are the wide open doors that hackers are using now to gain access. Will they be able to steal your data?

Sebastian Meine

Sebastian Meine, Ph.D. is the SQL Stylist behind llc. In 2010 he founded to fully engage in his passion for SQL Server.

Armed with a Ph.D. in Computer Science and years of experience in architecting DBs for a global Fortune 50 company, Sebastian now provides training and consulting services for his clients, specializing in SQL Server Security, Test Driven Development, and Performance. Sebastian is an experienced public speaker, published author, president of the Philly PASS Chapter, PASS Regional Mentor and coauthor & lead developer of tSQLt.