Introduction to BigData and Hadoop in Microsoft platform

Learn about how to take advantage of Hadoop big data solution in Microsoft platform in solving problems that deals with massive amount of data and practically impossible to solve using traditional data processing and storage architecture. We will introduce the big data technologies and its related architecture that is applicable in all modern technological platforms (e.g. Microsoft and beyond). Then we will try to solve some real world big data problem using Hadoop from .Net environment. These techniques can be applicable to any other language in any other platform.

Joy Chakraborty

Joy is a Distributed System Architect, 17+ yrs of Application Software development experience, 10+ yrs of .NET and C# development experience, 5+ yrs of work experience in ASP .NET web application scaling and performance improvement, 4+ yrs of WCF experience with a special interest in distributed/parallel computing, currently working on Cloud, Big Data and Machine Learning technologies for last 4+ years. Also, he is actively part of various Software architectural organization and active open source contributor on big-data projects.