Introduction to Azure Service Fabric

Microsoft Azure Service Fabric is a distributed systems platform used to build scalable, reliable, and easily managed applications for the cloud. Service Fabric also represents a different way of architecting, developing and maintaining applications. In this session, I will provide an overview of Service Fabric and why it is important for architecting microservices and the cloud. This is an introduction into the topic. I will show some code to show how to get started, but expect this to be a 100 level course.

Rich Ross

Rich Ross is a Technical Solutions Professional at the Microsoft Philadelphia MTC.  He has more than 20 years of business and IT experience in the pharmaceutical and consulting industry.  Rich has developed solutions for every version of SharePoint, from simple department portals to enterprise level applications. Over the last few years, he has focused on developing for the cloud using Azure technologies and is very interested in developing solutions containing IoT, Cortana and 3D Cameras features.  Rich posts about technology on his blog at and you can follow him on twitter @rich_ross.