Introducing ASP.NET vNext – The Future of .NET on the Server

In this session, ASP.NET MVP Jeff Fritz will introduce you to the next version of ASP.NET.  He will show you how Microsoft is decoupling ASP.NET, making it easier to build modular applications.  We’ll see how the world of NuGet and lightweight VMs enable you to build faster and simpler web applications.  This session will change the way you look at ASP.NET, and you’ll be ready for the next generation of web development, today.

Jeffrey Fritz

Jeffrey T. Fritz is a senior program manager on MIcrosoft’s Azure Development Experiences group.  He is a long time web developer with experience in large and small applications across a variety of verticals.  His first book, ‘Learn ASP.NET 5 in 24 Hours’ is complete and will be available in early 2016.  You can also learn from Jeffrey on Pluralsight, follow him on twitter @csharpfritz, and read his blogs at and