Intro to Razor Pages

The release of http://ASP.NET Core 2.0 introduces Razor Pages – an alternate web development approach that sits on top of http://ASP.NET Core MVC and brings a simplified, page-based web development model to the .NET Core ecosystem.

In this session I’ll show you how the framework works, how it relates to http://ASP.NET Core MVC and how/when you can begin using it today, even in your existing http://ASP.NET Core MVC projects. Then we’ll talk about when and why you might want to use Razor Pages, when you might want to use http://ASP.NET Core MVC… or when you might want to use both!

Jess Chadwick

Jess Chadwick is a Learning author, host of the Static Void Podcast, founding board member of the TechBash developer conference, and dev manager and architect at one of the two largest banks in the US. But, more importantly, he’s a coder with over 20 years of experience of writing and actually shipping software with a variety of teams in a variety of environments from 2-person startups to 200,000-person enterprises.