Intro: Claims Based Authentication and WIF

Using WS-* for authentication is becoming increasingly popular, even outside the .Net world. WIF helps developers implement a claims based system for authentication and authorization. There will be two main sections in this presentation.

  1. Ten thousand foot view of claims based authentication and authorization. Not just for developers! Network administrators, business analysts, PM’s, anyone involved in software solutions will benefit from Part 1.
  2. Creating a couple VS projects implementing claims based authentication using WIF

Joe McGurkin

Joe McGurkin is currently a Solution Architect at LiquidHub responsible for architecting SharePoint extranet and intranet enterprise solutions. He was a software engineer at an insurance company Developing ASP .Net and Silverlight applications for insurance agents. His development included SOA utilizing WCF, Silverlight and Entity Framework. Joe also worked for a IT consulting company in Philadelphia with projects covering a broad range of technologies, from point of sale integrated into SharePoint to custom web applications for BI.