Holy Repository Batman!

The repository pattern is one of the easiest things to implement in an app. A good repository pattern can allow you to do all kinds of wonderful things like test your code in pieces! (sometimes know as units). This pattern can really help get your code organized and open all kinds of new opportunities for releveraging existing code. In this talk I will start out with the basics of a repository pattern and then move into walking through a pretty simple implementation of a basic repository pattern starter that I have on CodePlex. Following this pattern we will take the same bits of code and show how you can use the same code in WPF, Silverlight, MVC, ASP.NET, Windows Phone 7, Windows forms, and anything else in the .NET space nearly seamlessly.

Matt Van Horn

Matt Van Horn is a Sr. Consultant with Capax Global. In his current role, Matt is responsible for working with clients to produce applications to serve our clients needs. Matt, a seasoned developer with proficiencies in a wide-array of programming languages and platforms, focuses on creating flexible and dynamic code tailored to the specific needs of customers. Matt is an experienced presenter, regularly speaking at user group meetings and Code Camps.