Graphs: Theory, Love, and Data Storage

Everything is connected, from our microscopic brain neurons to the grandiose universe wherein all bodies of mass are pulled towards each other in a graph of gravitation.

In a fashion as structured as graphs themselves, we’ll use my deep love for graphs as a catalyst for the exploration, understanding, and usage of these highly-useful structures. We’ll start off with an introduction to what graphs are, how we can work with them, and what ‘graph theory’ is. From there, we’ll delve into usage within programming languages of several paradigms, including JavaScript, F#, and C#. Finally, we’ll look at graphs as an effective way to store real business data and the benefits that this path lends itself to.

Stachu Korick

Formerly an active member of the Rubik’s Cube speed-solving community, Stachu loves solving problems and follows the cubing adage “Go Slow and Look Ahead” to the best of his ability.