Glimpse: Taking a look inside ASP.NET

Learn how to use Glimpse to reveal what is happening within your ASP.NET MVC and WebForms sites. Instead of forcing you to go line by line inside your code, Glimpse does the work for you by telling you exactly what’s going on with each web request. After releasing Glimpse at Mix11, Glimpse has become a tool that is used daily by tens of thousands of developers around the world. See what features are included out of the box and see how you can easily extend it to suit your needs. For more information on the Glimpse Project, see

Nik Molnar

Nik Molnar is a New Yorker, ASP Insider and co-founder of Glimpse, an open source ASP.NET diagnostics and debugging tool. Originally from Florida, Nik specializes in web development, building scalable, client-centric solutions. In his spare time, Nik can be found cooking up a storm in the kitchen, hanging with his wife, speaking at conferences, and working on other open source projects.