Give Your Web Application Muscle Tone Using Responsive Images

The average web page now weighs more than the size of DOOM. While excessive scripts, CSS and fonts bear much of the burden for excess weight and sluggishness, images carry the most extra baggage per capita. This excess weight slows down page render times, while forcing customers to pay for the wasted bandwidth.

All modern browsers support the new responsive image specifications. Responsive images allow content managers to control image size, art and media types served to customer devices. Now instead of a single, one size fits all based on the largest screen size available, or clunky script based solutions your page can load the best image for the device and user agent size. While responsive images improve the user experience it adds extra burden to content managers and engineers to utilize a solution that does not impede workflow productivity.

This session will introduce you to responsive images and how to automate a workflow to properly create, host and integrate responsive images.

Chris Love

Chris Love is a front-end developer for people and companies who are lost in the sea of modern web and user experience standards. He has a quarter century of web development experience, and has built a wide variety of web sites and applications in those years. In recent years, he immersed himself in progressive web applications and web performance optimization.

He applies these interests to run a small web consulting company, Love2Dev, that focuses on Progressive Web Applications and modern web technology. Love2Dev offers web development and analysis to help companies engage end users and operate more efficiently.

Chris authored 3 web development books including, High Performance Single Page Web Applications, He is currently authoring a new Progressive Web App book for Packt, due out this Fall.

He is a 10 time Microsoft MVP in ASP.NET and Web Platform. Chris regularly speaks at user groups, code camps and developer conferences. He blogs at and is active on Twitter, @ChrisLove.

Through his blog, speaking and books, he’s here to help you shake up your approach to web development while making it all feel like fun. His insights and opinions have been featured in various magazines, popular podcasts web sites. He has helped hundreds of businesses and individuals, ranging from mom and pop shops through major corporate brands, to build modern web experiences.

When he’s not working on front-end development, you can find him spending time with his step-kids, learning karate, training for Spartan races and serving on his church board of directors.

You can follow Chris’ Blog at and on Twitter @ChrisLove.