Get ready to develop apps for ultra-modern businesses

Sold OutMicroservices aren’t just small services. A microservice architecture is a very different approach to building applications. In this hands-on lab we’ll build the data and services layers as well as server-less features for an ultra-modern business plan and marry them to pre-built web and mobile apps for an end-to-end example that demonstrates how apps are now being built. This is not the architecture you’re accustomed to!

You’ll need an Azure subscription, so sign up for a free trial on Thursday if you don’t already have one. We’re also going to use Visual Studio 2017 with at least the “ASP.NET and web development”, “Azure development”, “Data storage and processing” and “.NET Core cross-platform development” workloads installed. The “Mobile development with .NET” workload is optional. The free Community Edition is fine. If you are running Windows 10 Pro or above and want to use Docker containers for the lab, please install the latest Docker For Windows from as well.

Mike Yeager

Mike is the CEO of EPS’ Houston office and a skilled developer. Mike excels at evaluating business requirements and turning them into results from development teams. He’s been the Project Lead on many projects at EPS and promotes the use of modern best practices such as the Agile development paradigm and the use of design patterns. Before coming to EPS Mike was a business owner developing a high-profile software business in the leisure industry. He grew the business from 2 employees to over 30 before selling the company and looking for new challenges. Implementation experience includes: .NET, SQL Server, Windows Azure, Angular and more.