Game Development with XNA

Have you ever thought about making video games but have decided that you’re just a “line-of-business” developer? Does game development seem like a mystic black art? Nonsense! The XNA Framework is ready for you to use C# or Visual Basic to create fantastic games that you can publish today for Windows Phone, the PC, and the Xbox 360. You can leverage your existing .NET skills and make money on Microsoft device platforms as well as other publishing channels. But how do you get started? Come see how surprisingly easy it is to create your own games with XNA Game Studio. We’ll start at File > New Project and use graphics, sound, music, and read input devices to create a complete game with no previous game development experience required!

Chris Gomez

Chris has been writing Windows software professionally for 19 years. His day jobs have included developing kiosks for theme parks and retail stores and building portfolio analytics for commercial lending. Today His hobby for game development started much earlier by making games using ASCII characters in text mode using BASICA. However, in his free time, you’ll find Chris playing the latest games on his Xbox 360 or Windows Phone 7.