Game Development Made Easy and Fun

You’re a developer, right? Then you have all the skills you need for game development. Philly GameWorks ( presents this showcase of great tools to make your first game.

We are going to focus on three toolsets in this session: Unity, Construct2, and Phaser. This showcase session will highlight the key features of each and show you games running in a browser. There will be plenty of demonstrations and we’ll look at the highlights of how you build your game in each tool.

Whether you want to publish to mobile devices or the Windows stores, you can do it. You can even publish on your own web site thanks to today’s modern browsers. There’s never been a better time to enjoy the fun of game development and send your creations to the world!

Chris Gomez

Chris has been writing Windows software professionally for 19 years. His day jobs have included developing kiosks for theme parks and retail stores and building portfolio analytics for commercial lending. Today His hobby for game development started much earlier by making games using ASCII characters in text mode using BASICA. However, in his free time, you’ll find Chris playing the latest games on his Xbox 360 or Windows Phone 7.