Functional Techniques for Imperative Object Oriented Languages

You are effective with the imperative, object oriented core of Java or .NET but you look longingly at the winsome smile of functional languages. You play with your language’s functional features, never quite sure you’re getting it right or taking full advantage of them. This talk is for you because you’ll learn which code to attack with functional ideas and how to do it. The core demo (C#) takes a 100 line method with a dozen way to mess up and transforms it to 24 lines that are easy to understand, hard to mess up and straightforward to debug. Better yet, functional approaches ensure that patterns like async, logging and exception handling are consistent and transaction usage is clear. Apply these techniques while leveraging delegates, lambda expressions, base classes and generics.

Kathleen Dollard

Kathleen Dollard loves to code and loves to talk about code. Along the way she’s an architect, a “manager”, a teacher, a writer, a speaker, and hopefully still a fun person! She’s written tons of articles, a book, and spoken around the world. She’s the Director of Engineering for ROI Code, previously Real and has videos in both the and