Facial Recognition in dotNet – Face Registry Application

Add Facial recognition to (*any) dotNet App (including Asp.NET MVC)
I walk you through the concepts and processes required to “Register” People into Microsoft’s Azure Cognitive Services Face API.

By the end of the session we will have a working Classic Forms (UWP app is currently in development) application with a website interface for processing.
we develop a client library for use in many application types including ASP.NET application giving you a method to install MFA in a web app. (it sounds funny but we will go over why and how this is possible)

As a bonus, I include a secure integration of KeePass 2.38 for Key and secure storage. if time allows we will go over this implementation and why its important.

Note: We are dependent on the available version of the Microsoft.ProjectOxford NuGet packages. these packages are not available for all dotNet application types. what i’m presenting is two methods, an HTTP Client interface where you build all the calls yourself (Explained in short and at the start to give those who are interested in NON-dotNet dev an access point) and the Microsoft.ProjectOxford NuGet Packages where the HTTP Client interfacing and json object POCO classes.

Marcus Kern

More than 9+ years programming and application development experience in the Microsoft stack. Additional programming experience in C++, Cloud services, Linux and MAC OS X, IOS Applications.

My passion is technology. My joy is solving problems. My path is a unique thought process combining creativity, ingenuity, quickly navigating decision trees and not stopping at the first solution that presents itself. I am a F.U.N. person. And I strongly believe that you truly don’t know something until you can successfully teach it.