F# in the Web

F# is a fantastic modern cross-platform programming language that can be used to develop Web based solutions.
In this session, we’ll go over several features that F# provides to write simple yet high-performance web based solutions.  We will discuss the benefits utilizing a functional approach including composition, type providers and computation expressions.
We will use the CQRS (Command Query Responsibility Segregation) pattern in an MVC Web project leveraging the power of Reactive Extension combined with the efficiency of SignalR for bi-directional communication between web servers and clients.
You will leave with the skills needed to enhance your development skills for modern web applications, by adding a modern programming language to your “tool box”.

Riccardo Terrell

I am functional guy living in an imperative world.

Riccardo is an information systems and technology professional and architect specializing in software & systems development. He has over 20 years’ experience delivering cost-effective technology solutions in the competitive business environment. Riccardo is passionate about integrating advanced technology tools to increase internal efficiency, enhance work productivity, and reduce operating costs. He is a MVP who is active in the .Net, functional programming, and F# communities. Riccardo believes in multi-paradigm programming to maximize the power of code and is the author of “Functional Concurrency in .NET”; which, features how to develop highly-scalable systems in F# & C#.