F# Best Practices

We will cover best practices of F# used in a production system along with how to implement. This is a 200-300 level coding session, with minimal to no F# experience necessary. We will cover how we structured our projects, how we test things out, how we handle errors, how code is structured, how we deal with coding side effects, interop with C# and more.
Part of the F# track.

David Crook

David Crook is a Microsoft Technical Evangelist, F# enthusiast and competitive coder.  He has a core focus on Cloud and Web Technologies as they pertain to entrepreneurship.  As a technical evangelist, David does presentations, runs user groups and leads teams of entrepreneurs and students through technical validation and development of their projects to either win competitions or attain funding.  David has an extensive background in a variety of technologies through his experience with Microsoft Consulting Services where he was a custom development consultant for clients ranging from JPMorgan, Home Depot, McKesson, NASCAR and The US Senate.  David also was the lead developer on several internal global development initiatives.