Exploiting PaaS to add functionality and enforce policy in your applications

Easy deployment is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to PaaS (Platform as a Service). As developers, we should spend our time writing the code only we can write. In this talk, I will show how you can leverage a PaaS to do just that by letting the platform take responsibility for the other parts of the application. I will also show how the same mechanisms enable an organization to enforce policy through the platform’s automation rather than time-consuming manual processes. Believe it or not, the easiest and fastest way to get an app up and running and in compliance with IT is to give them tools to enforce policy!

Jon Norton

Computers have been a part of Jon’s life since the Commodore 64 and Apple II days and he has been programming in some fashion for most of that time – even convincing his 6th grade English teach that a program should count as creative writing. As a software professional, Jon has built systems that are used by the Navy for flight testing new and improved aircraft. These systems include a safety-critical real-time telemetry processing system, an antenna tracking and coordination system and an infrared image detection and processing system. More recently, he has been deeply involved in the architecture and implementation of Apprenda, a private cloud for .Net and Java in the enterprise. While there, he has helped the Apprenda team grow from two fulltime developers and a little-known product to a medium sized R&D team maintaining and improving a leading product in the space.