Explaining, Demonstrating and Using the OpenStack.NET SDK

After an introduction to cloud computing — and OpenStack in particular — we’ll jump into the good stuff: Code. C#, VB and PowerShell all spoken here (and even F# on occasion).

You’ll learn how to: Create a network, spin up some servers, put the servers into the network, create some storage containers, upload some videos to the containers, and more … all in .NET code, all in about 60 minutes.

Then, just for fun, you’ll then be able to view the videos on your phone using the cloud we just created. Come learn about the hottest topic in technology, cloud computing

Don Schenck

Don Schenck is a Rackspace OpenStack .NET SDK Developer Advocate – meaning he writes code, writes about code, speaks at conferences and helps customers. Prior to Rackspace, Don worked across a broad range of industries, from helping pharmaceutical companies track and improve quality to building software to control machines that cut and bend reinforcing steel. Most recently, Don was involved in writing mobile and kiosk application development. When he’s not coding or writing or speaking at a conference, he prefers to surf (waves, not the internet), lift weights and whine about things to his longsuffering wife, Patti. He also hates the Designated Hitter rule and loves anchovies.