Enterprise Mobility – A Whole Different World

Many are surprised when coming from consumer mobility, just how different the operating environment and requirements can be in enterprise-focused mobility. This session will cover enterprise mobility from the typical business requirements though platform architecture, engineering and implementation, leading finally to developing applications on this often fragmented technology foundation.

Enterprise mobility can be very challenging with mistakes resulting anywhere from lost productivity, up though total loss of your proprietary data and, often the client’s trust. An understanding of the enterprise mobility landscape is essential to crafting and implementing a successful mobile strategy upon which to build your business. The topic areas will be applicable for any sized organization including large, regulated and governmental organizations. Once the groundwork is laid, we will focus on what this all means for application development so you can build, and actually implement, the next killer enterprise app.

Stephen Leonard

Stephen Leonard is a solutions architect at BlackBerry where he works primarily with larger, often regulated, enterprise customers to help them build mobile applications and other custom solutions. Over his 3+ year tenure with BlackBerry, the company has grown to include support for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone in addition to BlackBerry devices. As a result he has been on the front lines of enterprise mobility as companies have fought to try and understand application development in an often multi-ecosystem BYOD environment.