Engage Cortana in Conversation using the Cortana Skills Kit

With the Cortana Skills Kit in Public Preview, now is the time to start building your conversational AI Bots using LUIS, Microsoft Bot Framework, and Node.js or C#. Once you build your bot, you can deploy it to over a dozen channels, including Cortana, and engage 145 million users!

Bot building appears to be relatively straight-forward, until you begin to consider the multitudes of ways people express themselves. Using LUIS (Language Understanding Intelligent Service) along with the Microsoft Bot Framework opens your bot to a wider audience who won’t get frustrated by having to interact only in the method you prescribe. The Bot Framework also broadens your reach by allowing your Bot to converse over a variety of platforms including Cortana, Bing, Facebook Messenger, Slack, Twilio, Skype, and Web Chat, to name a few.

In this session, we will:
• build a simple bot in Node.js, LUIS.ai, and the Microsoft Bot Framework and deliver it in Azure

• add it to the Cortana, Skype, and Web Chat channels and interact with the bot on different platforms

• discuss intents, entities, and utterances that form the basis of creating intelligent bots

Rick Wargo

Rick Wargo is an innovative and cross-functional technology leader and architect with extensive experience in full lifecycle software development, data warehousing and analytics, business strategy, and process improvement in professional services, legal, and healthcare verticals. Rick played integral roles in developing, building, and delivering successful solution architectures in Microsoft and Open Source technologies leading up to 10x performance increases in execution and cost savings. He is currently serving as president of the Philadelphia Business Intelligence User Group. Rick is also an Alexa Champion. Find out more by visiting www.rickwargo.com.