End To End Development with Schwammy’s Favorite Patterns and Practices

This full day session will combine application architecture discussions with code samples to support them. Unlike in traditional short talks, with the full day session you’ll see how all the pieces fit together. Throughout the day I’ll build upon a real application that leverages C#, ASP.NET, Entity Framework and SQL Server on the server following SOA. The client we’ll be MVVM with HTML, JavaScript and CSS using some popular frameworks including Bootstrap, Knockout, and more. In addition we’ll work through the Application Lifecycle with TFS for task tracking, source control, and deployments. I’ll provide C#/VS/TFS tips and tricks along the way. Additional topics include SOLID, Repository pattern, Unit of Work pattern, ASP.Net MVC vs Web API, ELMAH, and Dependency Injection. The session will not be hands-on for attendees however I’ll provide the complete solution with which you can review and experiment.

Andy Schwam

Andy Schwam is a Microsoft C# MVP and a Technical Architect at Global Indemnity where he builds web applications with ASP.Net MVC and of course, C#. For several years he’s been designing and delivering testable systems with patterns like Dependency Injection, Single Responsibility and more. He has delivered many web based, data driven applications throughout his professional career. Andy is an experienced speaker and trainer and has spoken at a variety of user groups and events, presenting a variety of topics. He has been creating software applications since 1999.