Drive Intelligence from Text in Smart Apps

In this session, The session covers how to use cognitive services to drive insights and intelligence in your applications. The session covers how to work with unstructured text and turn unstructured text into meaningful insights into mobile, web and line of business applications.

The session will be showing how to use a few lines of code to easily analyze sentiment, extract key phrases, detect topics, and detect language for any kind of text.

The session will provide an overview on Microsoft Cognitive Services and all related text analysis services including:
• Sentiment Analysis
• Key Phrase extraction
• Topic Detection
• Language detection

The session is code driven & will provide samples on how to build smart apps with cognitive services from Microsoft.

Mostafa Elzoghbi

Mostafa Elzoghbi is a Microsoft Sr. Technical Evangelist based in DC. He is specialized in building cloud based intelligent products. He is recognized as a SME in building secure, highly available, intelligent systems, predictive analytics, and cloud based products. His work is focused on building scalable solutions using Hadoop ecosystem, machine learning, OSS, and Microsoft data platform (Azure ML, HDInsight, Data Factory, IOT). Prior to joining Microsoft, He was awarded a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award for five consecutive years. He holds a M.Sc. of Computer Science and holds several Microsoft certifications.