DevOps Yourself: Fast-Track Your Windows Development Environment Setup

It’s crunch time. The 11th hour. You and your team members are feverishly codin… wait, hmm, that’s a weird error…

Even if you don’t have a catastrophic unexpected loss, at some point you’ll be going through the reload-all-the-things exercise. And, for some developers, rebuilding your development environment is a multi-hour ordeal of installing software, coupled with days of configuration, tweaking, and fixing. If you’re currently browsing, downloading, and manually clicking through installer after installer while dodging unwanted toolbars — there’s a better way!

We’ll explore ideas and techniques for keeping your software and configuration continuously updated and rebuildable. With this, it’ll be a joy to upgrade your machine.

Ken Dale

Ken Dale is a software developer and Microsoft MVP with much of his current technology focus centered around the .NET web stack, JavaScript, and cloud technologies. Outside the realms of software, Ken is a musician who enjoys food eaten with chopsticks and travel.