DevOps with PowerShell Desired State Configuration

DevOps focuses on better integration between Development and Operations. It has traditionally been difficult for Development teams to know their changes will run in Production and for Operations to know these changes are proven to run in environments that match production before reaching production. This has been handled by using automation systems that run huge scripts that need to be modified when moving from test to production.

There is a need to separate the actions in the automation code from the environment data such as accounts and server names. Doing so reduces risk and simplifies updates. PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC) addresses this need of separating action, structure and data. In this session, learn how DSC is used to not only configure an environment but how it can periodically test the current state of an environment for configuration drift and notify the team of any changes and even automatically correct configuration drift.

Brian Minisi

Brian Minisi is a Principal Consultant for Neudesic.  A Microsoft MVP and ALM Ranger, Brian is a frequent speaker at code camps and user groups. He is also an organizer of the Philly ALM User Group and the Philly Azure User Group. Brian is also a board member of the TechBash conference held in the Poconos each year.  He has been working with Microsoft technologies since 1998 and has been working in .NET since 2001. He is passionate about architecture and all aspects of the application lifecycle, cloud and DevOps.