DevOps and Agile Thinking

In this talk, Microsoft Technical Evangelist Amanda Lange will talk about lessons learned from years of doing Agile in small software and mobile projects. The challenge of DevOps is moving from a small-scale Agile environment to scaling out for the full Enterprise. We’ll talk less about tools and more about people and developing a culture of adopting those tools: skilling up, learning styles, gamification, and ways to build a team culture that don’t rely on gimmicks but allow for practicing new methodologies. We’ll look at how to evolve into DevOps to develop a culture of experimentation that can improve the software creation process.

Amanda Lange

Amanda Lange is a Technical Evangelist with Microsoft. Her background is in game development, and she has worked on mobile, social, and serious games for education, as well as teaching game development and design. She writes game reviews and critique at and her own web site