Developer Turned Designer

In this era of smartphones and tablets, users expect clean, intuitive software. 1990s era screens are becoming a liability, even for routine business applications. How can developers learn to make a transition to more modern apps? Come see developer-turned-designer Billy Hollis cover the basics: important design principles, what a good design process looks like, and examples to help you visualize what’s possible in the modern app era. You’ll also see a roadmap for your path to creating acceptable user experience for modern apps. While most of the content is useful for any developer working on user interfaces, Billy will also present some advanced examples of leveraging the XAML platform for compelling user experience.

Billy Hollis

Billy is internationally known for his work on user experience design and presentation tier development. His team, based in Nashville, Tennessee, has created modern apps hailed around the world for innovation and effective use of advanced user interface technologies. Billy offers training on user experience design for any platform, and technical classes on XAML technologies. You can see Billy at major conferences all over the world, usually doing sessions to help developers to become more focused on designing software that users love.