Data Visualization and Reporting in R

R is growing to be the standard for advanced data analytics. It provides great flexibility for analytic visualizations and reporting. This session will demonstrate how to get started with data visualization in R and some of the approaches and packages to use. (Included will be how to use R with Power BI.) We will also give a quick guide on which visualizations to use and when.

This session will be heavy on demonstrations.

Dan Hartshorn

Dan Hartshorn is Principal Consultant at Hartshorn Associates. He is a leading BI, Data and SharePoint Enterprise Architect. Passionate advocate in using enterprise data as an asset to drive business results.

By training Dan is actually statistician and is a real numbers and data geek.

He is experienced in Azure, SQL Server, .Net, Web Development, Power BI, SharePoint, Office 365, Big Data, and major BI tools. A recognized expert in SharePoint, SQL Server and Business Information design, development, deployment and governance. Specialties include Managing data as a corporate asset, SharePoint, development, Database Development, Data Warehousing, Business Information and Reporting, Big Data, Cloud Applications, Collaboration, Project and Program Management, Business Development, Corporate Performance Management, Organization Planning.