Cross-Platform Mobile and Desktop Application Development with Cordova and Electron

HTML5 has become a very popular platform for building cross platform applications. The speed and maturity of JavaScript frameworks and run-times has allowed complex applications to be written for mobile devices using a single codebase, but they are sandboxed in the browser. Tools like Cordova allow you to get past the sandbox and interact with the device hardware in ways that the browser on it’s own cannot do. Electron does the same thing for building cross platform desktop applications. In this session we’ll look at both and how you can build a single application code base that can be deployed to both mobile devices and desktops.

Dane Morgridge

Dane Morgridge has been a programmer for 15+ years and has worked with numerous technologies in this time. In addition to software development he draws comics, writes books, creates music, among other various creative activities. He can be reached through or on Twitter @danemorgridge.