Create Your Very Own Cloud, NoSQL, RESTful, API, HTML5 Application

Web scale architectures have been evolving over the years and if you were starting up from scratch, what would you build today? Well, the answer is it depends, but possibly this might be one approach to creating a modern architecture. We will also explore ways to retrofit this into your existing architecture and also discover what was old is new again and that you keep most of your design skills and best practices from before. There will be lots of discussion and lots of code examples so come with ideas and ready to contribute to the discussion.

Mitch Ruebush

Mitch Ruebush is the Home Loans Development Team Leader at ING DIRECT, fsb. He is responsible for defining and coordinating the architecture for the applications and infrastructure at ING DIRECT. He has written a number of books and articles on .NET and enjoys spending his time as a father of two great kids, a hobbyist film maker, playing piano and saxophone and trying to write a video game.