CONVERT_IMPLICIT is a hidden danger

The CONVERT_IMPLICIT operator is part of an execution plan. When an execution plan has a CONVERT_IMPLICIT operator, this is a signal that “your statement has a problem”. This presentation will show you how to detect the Execution Plans with CONVERT_IMPLICIT operator; how to find the statement that causes conversion, and what DMVs can help to solve the problem. It will also show you the solution to collect the Execution Plans with CONVERT_IMPLICIT operator across the servers.

Alex Grinberg

Alex Grinberg is a certified MS SQL Server professional and has more than 20 years IT experience. He provides SQL Server tuning, optimization, analysis, development, and administration services: creating new applications, converting legacy technologies (SQL Server, VB.NET and C#) and on-site training. Alex is a senior DBA at Cox Automotive. He is a member of the Board of Directors for PSSUG (Philadelphia). Alex also frequently attends and presents at SQLSaturday events around the country, sharing his passion for all things SQL Server. Alex is a guest author for and also a technical reviewer for Apress.