Continuous Integration in a Private Cloud Environment

Many development shops have invested significant resources into establishing a continuous integration model for the release of their products. This allows them to build higher quality applications, ensuring product quality and business requirements correctness, while avoiding feature and quality regression.

Private Cloud and Platform as a Service will transform the way software developers work. The promise is to enable them to build and maintain world-class applications faster, using today’s skill-sets & investments. So how do the two go hand in hand?

In this talk we will
• Introduce the Developer to Private Cloud, using the Apprenda Platform as an example.
• Introduce the Developer to Continuous Integration Practices
• Introduce the Developer to Selenium
• Demo a working CI environment highlighting architectural considerations, actual unit tests, integration tests in nUnit and UI tests in selenium.

Jason van Brackel

Continuously Caffeinated Sr. Solutions Architect @ Apprenda

Jason van Brackel is a Sr. Solutions Architect for Apprenda. Currently focused on DevOps, Jason builds solutions to allow organizations to make the most of their development and infrastructure investments. He is also the organizer of the Philadelphia Kubernetes Meetup and loves teaching at code camps, user groups and meetups.