Contain your Enthusiasm

Docker in a Day, Hands-On!

Windows Server 2016 and Windows 10 (starting with Anniversary Edition) feature containers built into their operating systems. In this class we’ll learn how to take advantage of this technology from development to production. Featuring a combination of lecture, demo and hands-on exercise, we will have fun harnessing Docker, related tools, and clustering orchestration systems. We will also setup Docker, and construct our first cluster.

We will cover Docker Engine, Compose and Swarm. We will also explore non-Docker orchestration options like (but not limited to) Mesosphere DC/OS and Kubernetes.

A Wifi-capable laptop running Windows, Linux or Mac OSX is recommended for this class (I may bring a couple spares). Exercises will be developed in an OS agnostic fashion.

Jason van Brackel

Continuously Caffeinated Sr. Solutions Architect @ Apprenda

Jason van Brackel is a Sr. Solutions Architect for Apprenda. Currently focused on DevOps, Jason builds solutions to allow organizations to make the most of their development and infrastructure investments. He is also the organizer of the Philadelphia Kubernetes Meetup and loves teaching at code camps, user groups and meetups.