Contain Your Enthusiasm: Kubernetes Hands-On

Sold OutThe recent release of AKS, the newest version of managed Kubernetes services for Microsoft Azure, allows developers to quickly realize the benefits of open source Kubernetes without the complexity and operational overhead of getting it up and running. In this presentation you will learn:

* A quick history lesson on containers and the Docker engine.
* Kubernetes and Docker fundamentals.
* To author Docker containers from source code.
* Standing up a Kubernetes Cluster from within the Azure Portal and from the CLI. We’ll look at both Windows Server Containers and Linux-Based Docker Containers.
* Navigating the Kubernetes UI
* Deploying and scaling applications within your cluster.
* Managing configuration and secrets within your cluster.
* A few bonus topics as time permits.

You’ll need a laptop running Windows 10, Docker for Windows installed and an Azure Account. Microsoft is currently offering $200 of Azure credit for free, find out more here.

Get Docker here

Jason van Brackel

Continuously Caffeinated Sr. Solutions Architect @ Apprenda

Jason van Brackel is a Sr. Solutions Architect for Apprenda. Currently focused on DevOps, Jason builds solutions to allow organizations to make the most of their development and infrastructure investments. He is also the organizer of the Philadelphia Kubernetes Meetup and loves teaching at code camps, user groups and meetups.