Compiling the Future with Roslyn

To many developers, the compiler is a black box: code goes in and an assembly comes out.

Roslyn is the next-generation compiler for C# and VB that will revolutionize the .NET ecosystem by enabling the average .NET developer to leverage the power of the compiler. In this talk, I will introduce you to Roslyn, and demonstrate how the compiler as a service could change the .NET development experience forever.

Justin Rusbatch

Justin is an open source developer with a passion for simplicity. He is the creator of and coordinator for scriptcs. He also co–hosts Seriously Open, a podcast focusing on the .NET open source community, with Nick Berardi, Phil Haack, and Dale Ragan.

An aspiring beer aficionado with a caffeine addiction, Justin can often be found drinking a fresh cup of coffee or acquainting himself with a new beer.