Code Kata – A Great Way to Grow as a Developer

Bring your laptop! This is a hands-on experience.

In this session, we will go over the concept of “code katas” and how they can help you to grow as a developer. We will not only discuss this in theory, but we will actually walk through one to get you started. I’ll be offering my own “fresh take” on code katas, so if you have experimented with them before and either become bored or have not seen the point – I hope that this talk will give you a fresh outlook on them.

As with many of the talks that I do – the goal is to help us all to become better developers. I’m convinced that you can leave this talk with a plan/pattern/tool that you can use for years to come as you hone your craft.

Requirements: A laptop with Visual Studio 2010 or higher. At least a basic understanding of C# programming.

Travis Laborde

I have roughly 3 decades of experience as a developer and over half of that leading teams from 3-11 in size. I’ve been using .NET since it was in beta, and I’m passionate about good programming practices.