Career Advice from the Trenches

We will discuss the softer side of being a developer, how people see your image, and what you can do to present a better image. We will be covering things for college students to new hires to grey beards. There will be no hugging in the session.

Anthony Verguldi

Tony has worked in software development for 20+ years using various technologies, operating systems, and development languages. He has worn many hats from junior developer to development manager. For the last 10 years he has worked with the Microsoft stack, in particular the .NET framework.

In his free time, Tony is an avid Xbox gamer. You can find him defeating the Covenant, blowing up your Titan, or taking out a Templar. He enjoys spending time with his son and daughter taking them places (such as Crystal Caverns) to experience life. He helps with his son’s cub scout pack. He has been helping with Philly .NET for 5 years.

Currently, Tony works for Magenic. He can be reached via Twitter at @TonyVerJr and his blog, is in desperate need of updating.