Building websites on azure – creation, debugging, SEO, & scaling all in one!

Creating a website can be a daunting task – Do I host it? have another company do it? Should I use WordPress, Tomcat, or write my own? What happens when I get a lot of traffic?

I plan on demystifying this for you by illustrating how to get your website off the ground and deploy it to the cloud. Even better, we’ll learn to how to debug it and understand what all of your visitors will be seeing with a tool called VorlonJS. Want to convert it to a mobile app on iOS or Android? Not a problem! What if I want it to appear in Google search results? We’ll cover that, too!

This is perfect for veterans or newcomers alike, as we’ll cover a variety of topics and areas typically not covered by web developers.

David Voyles

I’m a Tech Evangelist at Microsoft, with a focus on mobile & web development, and a recent passion around the field of AI and Machine Learning.