Building REST API’s using ASP.NET Web API

RESTful API’s can be a powerful way to expose data and services to a broad range of platforms, but just what does it mean to be RESTful? In this talk we will introduce the REST architectural style and look at what it means to be a RESTful service. We will introduce the ASP.NET Web API framework that is part of ASP.NET MVC and show how it simplifies many aspects of creating RESTful services. Finally we will look at different issues that, while not specifically addressed by REST, are real-world issues that you will encounter when building RESTful services.

Devin Rader

Devin Rader spends his day’s extoling the virtues of Twilio (, the amazingly simple cloud telephony platform. Before that he worked at Infragistics where he focused on delivering great user experiences to developers using their controls. He’s done work on all of the .NET platforms, but most recently has been focused on ASP.NET and Silverlight. As a co-founder of the St. Louis .NET User Group, a current board member of the Central New Jersey .NET User Group and a former INETA board member, he’s an active supporter of the .NET developer community. He’s also the co-author or technical editor of numerous books on .NET including Wrox’s Professional Silverlight 4 and Wrox’s Professional ASP.NET 4. Follow Devin on Twitter @devinrader