Building Multi-Platform Native Apps with MVVM and C#

The MVVM pattern may have been popularized by Microsoft on its own platforms, but did you know that you can also apply it to other platforms as well, such as iOS and Android? Using the MvvmCross framework you can achieve a very high level of code reuse, including behavior, without losing anything the native platforms have to offer. This opens the door for you to target platforms like iOS, Android, Windows Phone, WinRT, and more, all while being able to share most of your code every time.

In this session we’ll go over the basics of MVVM, how MvvmCross brings MVVM and databinding to new platforms, and how you can leverage it to build fully native applications. Along the way we’ll look at how to get the most code reuse, and even how to easily cover much of your app’s behavior with automated unit tests.

Greg Shackles

Greg Shackles is a Senior Software Engineer at Olo. He is a Xamarin MVP, host of the Gone Mobile podcast, organizer of the NYC Mobile .NET Developers Group, author of Mobile Development with C# and also a monthly Visual Studio Magazine column. Outside of technology, Greg is obsessed with heavy metal, baseball, and craft beer, sometimes in combination, and is also an aspiring homebrewer.