Building Minority Report Style Continuous Clients with .NET, Azure Service Bus, WP7 and Kinect

This session will give an overview of how to code continuous clients, an application that allows a user to use move between multiple devices and locations, and to have the application experience move seamlessly between the devices as the user changes location and devices. A continuous client allows the user to pick up working exactly where they left off on a previous device, thereby providing an uninterrupted usability experience, and enabling the user to continuously continue interaction with the system as they change location and devices. It also allows the user to use multiple devices in conjunction, on a single application, to provide an augmented experience that simultaneously utilizes each device in the manner it is suited for providing the best interaction model with the application.

These applications are built by integrating a number of emerging technologies, including natural user interfaces, facial recognition, point cloud and skeleton tracking, gesture recognition, near field communications, peer-to-peer networking, location based services, and dynamic composition of applications. Specifically, the session will cover the concepts in creating a continuous client, and through demos show the audience how a continuous client is enabled with by using .NET, Kinect, Azure, SQL Azure, OpenCV, WP7 and AppFabric service bus to track a user’s identity, location, establish real-time communications between multiple systems based upon proximity, to share data between applications, reuse code in applications, and provide an augmented experience suitable for the next generation work environment.