Build your first mobile app with Cordova and Telerik AppBuilder

Mobile has taken over, and you are still programming a line of business application for your employer. How can you get started building a mobile application that will run on your favorite device without learning a brand new programming language and getting involved with device vendors? In this session, I will introduce Apache Cordova (Adobe Phonegap) and the Telerik AppBuilder product. You will learn how to leverage your HTML5 and JavaScript skill set to build applications that will run on any iOS, Android, or Windows Phone device and can be uploaded to any store.

Jeffrey Fritz

Jeffrey T. Fritz is a senior program manager on MIcrosoft’s Azure Development Experiences group.  He is a long time web developer with experience in large and small applications across a variety of verticals.  His first book, ‘Learn ASP.NET 5 in 24 Hours’ is complete and will be available in early 2016.  You can also learn from Jeffrey on Pluralsight, follow him on twitter @csharpfritz, and read his blogs at and